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I am your Master and you will be my slave.

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You Will Obey





He smiled. “Its technology from where I am from. Spells are a much different universe for me.”

She nodded. “Your science is my magic. My science is your magic.” She blushed, glowing softly as she perched her chin on her knees.

She sparked interest in him. The Master reached forward and stroked her hair and stood up. “You are much more bright that I would’ve thought.” the master began walking towards the door to exit. “Your vanity is full of clothing, I will have breakfast waiting for you.”




"You don’t seem very impressed." he chuckled

"I have similar spells, and rooms in my library. But, I am impressed. I didn’t know anyone else has these things. I’m bouncing off the walls in my head."

He smiled. “Its technology from where I am from. Spells are a much different universe for me.”

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                                                           The demons

            Don’t scare me

                                                  What truly terrifies me

 Is the possibility

                                                   of losing                                              


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"I can get used to this…"

the-doctors-darling-wife asked:
She grabbed his face and kisses him deeply. "I look forward to loads of fun. I did agree to anything you ask~"

When she pulled from the kiss he immediatly grabbed her throat and smirkd. “And I will have fun training the fuck out of you…”

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She slips into the showers, and slowly starts washing up wondering what she has gotten herself into. She soon forgets her worries, however, as the warm water washes over her.

Papers were scattered on his desk and a couple ashtrays with ash strewn out upon the corners. He rolled his eyes. “Love getting new slaves but the paperworks a hassle…”

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'Research project'... riiiiight... Don't lie...You're probably working out the bugs on the Archangel Network aren't ya??

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Mid Afternoon was The Master’s favorite time to sneak up into the Doctor’s chambers while Lucy was out on her little shopping trips. He scaled the the stairs to the highest room and to the back of the corridor, reaching the Doctor’s room. He chuckled and grabbed the diamond knob and gently opened the door, so that if the Doctor was asleep, he wouldn’t wake him. However what he found wasn’t a snoozing time lord. Inside the doctor lay on his bed, fully unclothed. His head was thrown back against a burgundy goose pillow, his hand gripping onto a wool blanket. His moans pierced the room, calling of the Master’s name over and over and over again. His member was throbbing in his hand as he stroked it over and over with passion. 

The Master watched with enjoyment, closing the door silently. As he watched, he felt his own arousal stand and suffocate in his dark wash jeans. In the meantime the Doctor kept shouting and suddenly, he let out a gasp and the Doctor’s release was all over himself as he shouted the Master’s name. The Doctor walked over silently to the Time Lord who collapsed in his sweet release not even noticing the Master. Whom leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Did you enjoy yourself.”

The Doctor blushed looking away. When the other time lord reached for the blanket, he quickly reached to grab it, but was too late. Blushing brightly, he made eye contact. “I.. No I couldn’t wait.. Didn’t know when you’d be back..” He smiled weakly before gasping when he reached for his hardness.

"Master!" He gasped, rocking his hips up, but then away again. It was sensitive after the furious way he’d just come, but it felt good at the same time.

"I— yes.. You know it does.." He mumbled, pulling the other closer to kiss him.

The master stroked him slowly, grinning maniacally. “I’m trying to decide whether or not to punish you.” He grinned darkly and kissed his doctor deeply.


Susan rapidly slipped off her underwear from beneath her skirt and then shoved his open pants off, pulling him into a kiss as she stroked him and then guided him into her.

He grinned down at her. “mmm… Such an eager little girl…” He bit into her lip and reached down grabbing her arse tightly

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"Its a time locked room. It pertain’s to the person staying in it." He smiled at the child like essence of her. "The room scanned you before you entered and coordinated to your needs."

She smiled, pulling her knees to her chest as she hugged them to her. “Really? That’s cool…” She rested her chin on her knees.

"You don’t seem very impressed." he chuckled