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If you look hard enough, you can see a bird flying.

shit son trying to find the bird flying is like the new where’s waldo

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"You make it sound like its a bad thing…"


…because you are traitors. Yes, you are! As soon as you saw the vote swinging my way, you abandoned your parties and you jumped on the Saxon bandwagon. So this is your reward. 

aka: one of my favourite lines ever

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"Hello my dear"

the-doctors-darling-wife inquired:
She followed his movements with her eyes carefully, "Oh you know. The usual. I cook. I clean. I'll do pretty much anything you ask and I assure you that I'll be much happier to tend to your needs than any of those little servants you have scurrying about."

He shrugged. “Possibly….” The Master scratched his chin, still eyeing her over. “One question though,” He spoke softly as his final steps fished behind her. He grabbed her waist roughly. “What makes YOU different from the rest of my slaves, hm?” He leaned in, his lips hot against hers. “What makes you so special?” 


thought I’d try my hand at these

Hi friends! (hopefully still friends)

If you dont recognize me at all, then Ive been gone longer than I thought.*sighs* But thats why Im writing. I was unfortunately taken from the RP community by that bitch, Life. *Points to my Life, sitting in the corner eating a bucket of KFC* Yeah, he fucks shit up all the time.

Anywho. I really miss you guys, and I know I disapeer a LOT (this time it was a long asstime) but…. Ya know *points to Life, who no has a box of twinkies).

Hope I am forgiven.

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Bonus points if you explain why!



The eternal struggle

never did i relate more to Family Guy than this scene

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"Maybe I need more than just what I have here." She said softly, and her pale green eyes looked down sadly. "Maybe I need to be more free." She regretted saying it the minute she did, but she couldn't take it back.


He finally looked her deep in her eyes, even when she looked away. “You have your freedom here….” He no longer held his smirk, as his hand dropped from her cheek. “You’re not getting a job… End of story….” He turned around and walked to his couch a few feet in front of his desk, sitting on the corner. “If you want work, I can give you something to do.”

theonlylucysaxon inquired:
"I'd like to get a job." She smiled at him, knowing he wouldn't want her to. When he married her, she had to quit. He hated it. He hated other people expecting her, and demanding her attention. He hated not having her at his beck and call and it irked him that there could be a man who had authority over her that wasn't him. And yet-- Lucy felt like she NEEDED a job or something to keep her occupied these days. She needed to not be locked away anymore. She NEEDED freedom.


He chuckled at her. “A job?” He shook his head looking down at his desk, and standing up. “Lucy, you have a job….” He walked over to his pet, standing right before her. “Your job is to be obedient and do as your told.” He reached out and cupped her cheek. “You don’t need to be out there working, you have all you need here.”

the-doctors-darling-wife inquired:
She giggled softly and smiled up at him, "glad ya think so. Now what do you need done? I make quite the housewife. No marriage required."

He folded his arms, looking at her as she sat up so obediently. “A housewife hm?” He walked  around her in a circle, like a lion observes his prey. “What would this housewife job entail?”