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The eternal struggle

never did i relate more to Family Guy than this scene

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theonlylucysaxon asked:
"Maybe I need more than just what I have here." She said softly, and her pale green eyes looked down sadly. "Maybe I need to be more free." She regretted saying it the minute she did, but she couldn't take it back.


He finally looked her deep in her eyes, even when she looked away. “You have your freedom here….” He no longer held his smirk, as his hand dropped from her cheek. “You’re not getting a job… End of story….” He turned around and walked to his couch a few feet in front of his desk, sitting on the corner. “If you want work, I can give you something to do.”

theonlylucysaxon asked:
"I'd like to get a job." She smiled at him, knowing he wouldn't want her to. When he married her, she had to quit. He hated it. He hated other people expecting her, and demanding her attention. He hated not having her at his beck and call and it irked him that there could be a man who had authority over her that wasn't him. And yet-- Lucy felt like she NEEDED a job or something to keep her occupied these days. She needed to not be locked away anymore. She NEEDED freedom.


He chuckled at her. “A job?” He shook his head looking down at his desk, and standing up. “Lucy, you have a job….” He walked over to his pet, standing right before her. “Your job is to be obedient and do as your told.” He reached out and cupped her cheek. “You don’t need to be out there working, you have all you need here.”

the-doctors-darling-wife asked:
She giggled softly and smiled up at him, "glad ya think so. Now what do you need done? I make quite the housewife. No marriage required."

He folded his arms, looking at her as she sat up so obediently. “A housewife hm?” He walked  around her in a circle, like a lion observes his prey. “What would this housewife job entail?” 

theonlylucysaxon asked:
She walked in, dressed in a lovely black silk number that she knew he adored and black pumps that made her legs impossibly long. "I was wondering how you'd feel about me doing something to keep me more occupied during the day...." She gently closed his door and locked it behind her. ((This is in the verse where the doctor ISN'T living with them haha Also, it's about TIME you came back online :P ))


He raised his brows a little distracted by her silk black number. He gave her a small smirk folding his arms, looking her over a little more carefully. “What is that you want?” Many options ran through his mind; more time for shopping, a computer, for him to pay more attention to her, etc. The possibilities were a list. 

the-doctors-darling-wife asked:
She leaned in and kissed him gently, "I'll trust you with it them~"

He grinned and shook his head letting go of her and dropping her to the floor. “Perfect.”

theonlylucysaxon asked:
Lucy walked into her husband's study, chewing her bottom lip. She had to ask him for something and she knew he was disinclined to allow her something like this, but god.... She wanted it. She missed having this sort of thing. "Darling?" She looked at him hopefully. "Are you busy?"

He put down his cigarette and his pen, looking up at the blonde at the entrance of his study. “Not too busy.” He straightened his back and looked her over. “What do you need, my pet.”

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themanwhowouldnt asked:



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Mid Afternoon was The Master’s favorite time to sneak up into the Doctor’s chambers while Lucy was out on her little shopping trips. He scaled the the stairs to the highest room and to the back of the corridor, reaching the Doctor’s room. He chuckled and grabbed the diamond knob and gently opened the door, so that if the Doctor was asleep, he wouldn’t wake him. However what he found wasn’t a snoozing time lord. Inside the doctor lay on his bed, fully unclothed. His head was thrown back against a burgundy goose pillow, his hand gripping onto a wool blanket. His moans pierced the room, calling of the Master’s name over and over and over again. His member was throbbing in his hand as he stroked it over and over with passion. 

The Master watched with enjoyment, closing the door silently. As he watched, he felt his own arousal stand and suffocate in his dark wash jeans. In the meantime the Doctor kept shouting and suddenly, he let out a gasp and the Doctor’s release was all over himself as he shouted the Master’s name. The Doctor walked over silently to the Time Lord who collapsed in his sweet release not even noticing the Master. Whom leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Did you enjoy yourself.”

He kissed him back, moaning quietly. “I just missed you..” He murmured, little gasps of breath with each stroke. “Master..” He moaned again.

The master pressed his lips to his temple, and stroked faster and faster with a firm hand, letting his loved one squirm under his power. “I missed you too….” 

captain-jacks-assistant asked:
She turns off the water and starts to dry off. Again she begins to wonder what she's gotten herself into. "God help me. I sure hope I'm doing the right thing" She heads back to find his office, mind racing.

He sat there for a whole 20 mins, and without a care he flung the papers in the air and laughed for a second. He was bored of work and wanted to play some more. The Master stood from his seat, leaving his study. He grinned making his way down to cooridor to the slaves quarters.

"Little one~ Are you done showering?"

azalea-in-time asked:
"But it's not for free, is it?" Azalea murmured, looking up at him. Her heart was pounding as she questioned him, afraid of what his response might be. "And what kind of 'work' will you have me do? I'm not going to be your 'good girl' so you can lock me away in the slaves quarters and take me out whenever you need a good fuck!" She shouted, slamming her hands on the table. "If you have others why did you take me? Why don't you just let me go?!"

His grin grew almost stern and threatening. “Because…. You’re a piece of my collection. Like a butterfly, you just so happen to be fluttering in the wrong place at the wrong time. So now you’re trapt behind my glass.” The Master stood from his seat. “Now behave or I’ll crush your wings…”

giannapulse asked:
Gianna taps the mans shoulder wondering who he is, "Hello sir."

His head perked. “Hello?” He looked over the girl gently, confused at her approach.


the-doctors-darling-wife asked:
Smirking wide she laughed, "train the fuck outta me then babe~ I'd love to see you try~"

His fingers clutched her flesh, feeling her air pipe underneath the hot blood she had. “There’s not try. I only do…” He grinned darkly.

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